Olya Andronova (Oля Андронова)

Olya On The TrailHello, my name is Olya Andronova.  I am a Ski Instructor living in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  I am a hiking addict, super outdoorsy gal who loves parrots and truly bound to nature.  I have been deeply inspired by John Muir to be fearless in the wilderness and keep exploring the mountains.  As a result of reading many of his books, I have been fortunate and grateful to explore more than 10 National Parks in the United States and cover a hundred miles of trails solo including grizzly territory in Glacier National Park.  My spiritual journey on the trail taught me to let go of my material things and to live a simple life.  I got rid of most of my material possessions.  I am embracing a minimalist lifestyle that helps me to be focused on God, spreading kindness, gentleness, and compassion towards fellow human beings.  My spiritual journey on the trail is not over and it will continue to unfold as I continue to explore more trails and conquer more peaks.  I post my photos of my journey regularly to my trail notes page up to date.  Feel free to check it out!

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