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Exploring Coast Redwoods in Northern California

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This Labor Day weekend, I took a trip to Redwoods National and State Parks. After driving 462 miles from Lake Tahoe to the coast of Northern California, I was thrilled to hit the trails and immerse myself in nature.  After visiting a couple of groves, coastal redwoods almost seem to be immortal. Their eight to twelve inch bark repels fire and insects. They also cannot be killed by diseases meaning, when one falls, new sprouts regenerate from its stump and trunk. It one of the differences that separate them from Sequioa Trees in Sierra Nevada.  Coastal redwoods can grow as high as 375 feet and 15 feet in diameter at the base.  Redwoods are clad in an elegant gray. 

 So, are coast redwoods considered the world’s tallest trees? Who knows? The title has changed so many times. What I want to know is, what helps these towering giants reach such incredible heights. Apparently, evaporation at the top of the trees pulls water and nutrients up through the sap to nourish the top of the trees. Above a certain height, however this negative pressure fades, limiting the food supply to the canopy. Some scientists believe that coast redwoods can reach 420 feet above the forest floor.  Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail, Tall Tree Grove, and Redwood Creek are just few of the groves which gives an intimate, close-up time with the giants.

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