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Camping with cats in Lake Tahoe

In: Trail Notes

For the Memorial Day weekend, I have decided to take a trip with my two adventurious fur babies Pasha and Dasha to Lake Tahoe.  I took few extra days off from work and headed towards my favorite place!  My cats have never gone on a camping trip before, so this will be their first experience. I got to my campsite around noon and set my tent and the toys for the cats.  As soon as I set up my tent and her toys, little Dasha who just turned 1 year old on May 15 felt right at home in the woods with me!

After getting all situated with my tent, I cooked myself a simple meal and went on a nice stroll with my cats on the beach!  Pasha, who will be turning 2 years old in July loves enjoying the views from his carrier!  Anytime, I introduce him to new places and experiences, he likes to be observe everything from his carrier. Both of my cats and I enjoyed the stroll along the beach.  Across the road from my Kaspian campground, there is a nice bike path I absolutely enjoyed taking my cats on. Dasha loved hoping from different rocks!

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