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Snow camping in Yosemite

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Snow-camping in Yosemite

I survived my first solo snow-camping trip in Yosemite.  I spent three days and three nights in the wilderness.  I cross-country skied to Glacier Point which is about 10 miles one-way from Badger Pass Ski Area.  I spent my three nights camping at Washburn Point in Yosemite.  Getting to Washburn Point from Badger Pass is somewhat exhausting.  A lot of the snow has melted on Glacier Point road, so  I skied on ice, walked on dirt, and had to take my skis more than once to walk the Glacier Point road.  Arriving at Washburn Point was a relief.   The night temperature was in low 20 degrees Farenheight. No wind, clear skies.  Watching the sun settling down and waking up to a beautiful sunrise, the next morning is the best experience I can ever ask for. Here are the things I took with me on my first snow-camping trip.   

Snow-camping Essentials:

1 sleeping bag

1 Down Jacket

1 Down Pants

1 Hat

1. Sunscreen

1 Sunglasses

1 JetBoil Flash Cooking System

1 Three-season tent

1 Bear canister. (After talking to a park ranger, bear canisters are not needed if you are on skis.  If you are on snowshoes, or walking, it is recommended you take one.) 

1 Nalgene Water Bottle, snacks, food.

1 Photo Camera

1 Snow shovel (Not needed, since a lot of the snow did melt in the area where I was camping.)

1 Map

1 Overnight permit.  (Self-registration box is located outside the “A” Frame at Badget Pass Ski Area)

1. Down Booties

Badger Pass – Snowshoeing and Cross-country Skiing Map